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Hi, welcome! What a sweet puppy you have there 馃挄
I don鈥檛 mean to rain on your parade but do you know the breeder well? I wonder if she would be open and able to take Coco back for a few more months, as 7 weeks is ridiculously much too young to remove from the mom. Maltese are not like a big breed dog where it鈥檚 acceptable to remove them at an earlier age. Bigger breeds mature much quicker, unlIke maltese who are much slower to mature.
It鈥檚 crucial for a maltese to stay with the mom and litter mates for at least 12 weeks minimum. It can cause all sorts of issues later on.
Anyway...congrats on sweet Coco.馃拹

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Completely agree with maddysmom. 7 weeks is way too young for a toy breed dog to be removed from the litter; allowing you to do so should be a huge red flag on this "breeder." At a minimum, have her immediately vet checked including scheduling bile acid testing (if your vet doesn't know what that is, find a new vet) so you have a bat baseline. Have nutrical on hand in the event of hypoglycemia, feed small meals every 1.5 to 2 hours to maintain blood sugar levels which is a primary concern for tiny puppies this young. And find a reputable behavioral trainer (not big box pet store) to help you deal with socialization, bite inhibition, and other behavioral issues that staying with the litter can help alleviate. Good luck.

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Hi! Welcome! What a beautiful little puppy. Sooo tiny definetly listen to every one especially the hypoglycemia, feed small meals every 1.5 to 2 hours to maintain blood sugar levels super important. I got my puppy too and Cody was 8 weeks old and should have stayed with his momma. Definitely for sure food issues in the beginning and gave him special syrup to get the blood sugar up on his gums. Look out for that. What a sweetie pie ! You鈥檒l have a lifetime of loyal love! They are soooo sweet and bond ever so close! Enjoy your baby! Dee
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