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Hi from GA

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I'm just a college student who absolutely loves dogs. I have two fluffs, Minnie and Max. I've had Minnie since she was a baby. She is a shihtzu maltese cross and is now 7 months old. She's a handful, full of personality and energy.

Max is new to my home. His vet papers say he is a maltese but I feel like he does have some poodle in him because of his curly fur. He has only been with me for a week and a half. I took him in from a family who no longer could take care of him. I brought him home only after a day of exchanging emails with his former owner and I'm so glad I did. I couldn't have asked for a more amazing dog and older brother to my little Minnie.

Most of the pictures are recent except for the 4th and 5th which are of Minnie when she was younger.

Thank you :)


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:Welcome 3: Both of your babies are absolutely precious!!
welcome to SM , u r going to love it here !! ur fluffs are adorable !!!max is so handosome , im so happy that max found the perfect home with u and minnie , ur minnie is beautiful !! !
:Welcome 4: to you, Max and Minnie. How sweet are those two? :wub::wub: Welcome and hope you find a lot of good info here. We have several college students and recent grads in the forum.
Welcome! Those are some sweet babies you have there. Looking forward to seeing more of them on SM!
:Welcome 3: Your fluff are adorable. You won't regret
having two, you'll love watching them together.:wub:
Welcome to you and your adorable fluffs!!
Awww, Minnie and Max are a perfect pair! :wub: Welcome to SM! :chili:
Welcome! Are you in the Atlanta metro area? We have a large Maltese meetup group that meets once a month in Smyrna/Marietta/Norcross.
They both are adorable, adorable adorable! I could just kiss that little face of Minnie (My Barron is a Shih Tzu/ Bischon, and looks very much like your Minnie.)

They are going to have loads of fun together!


thank you for your comments :)

nikki's mom-yes actually I live in marietta! and I would love to be a part of the meet up! sounds so exciting!!
thank you for your comments :)

nikki's mom-yes actually I live in marietta! and I would love to be a part of the meet up! sounds so exciting!!

Here's the website:

The Atlanta Area Maltese Meetup Group (Smyrna, GA) -
Welcome!!! They look like they love each other - lovely pair! Looking forward to seeing more posts/pics from you/your crew! :)
Hello and welcome from another GA resident!! :)

You've joined a really great forum. Your fluffs are beautiful!!!
thankyou....can't wait to meet more maltese lovers! especially those in georgia :)
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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