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high up in the sky...

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heini & me went to visit hitler's eagle's nest. it was very exiting. as we had to get n the mountain in a 124 meter long elevator which went through the muntain. as I am claustrophobic it was quite a challenge, but we made it!

the view payed off for the scary ride!

here a few pictures from heini & me high above the sky.

mom, why is there still snow up here? you said it will g away in spring!!

sitting pretty

phew, this is high!!

my boy and me enjoying

peace and quiet

and more snow *roll around*

heini & me made it to the top

and back on the ground

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Whooooo, those are some gorgeous pictures, but then all the pictures you take are gorgeous. Kudos to you for going up so high. Not something I would be brave enough to do.
What a beautiful view! Thanks for sharing pictures and as always Heini is looking adorable! :wub:
Heini is an adventurer, for certain!
Ahhhh, beautiful scenery........looks like you and Heini had a really good day!!!:wub:
beautiful, Becky I noticed a cross in the background of one of the pictures, is there a story behind it being there?

I always love looking at your pictures Germany is beautiful, my great grandparents on my fathers side were from there. I have always wanted to visit, maybe one day.

I love the picture of you and Heini he's such a special littleman, you can always see the love you have for that little guy in your pictures
thank you :wub:

beautiful, Becky I noticed a cross in the background of one of the pictures, is there a story behind it being there?
well unfortunately there is a story to the sight not a very nice one, I am afraid!

the cross is there to point out the peak of the mountain, we have them on nearly every mountain here.
they are called 'gipfelkreuz' in english it would be summit cross. it has a religious menaing but als just is a symbol for the highest part of the mountain. often there is a little booklet in a plastic bag attached to the cross.

the story to the sight is, that it was hitler's summer residence in former times. actually they made a restaurant out of his dining room, bizarre in my eyes! I brought my sandwich with me *g*

here is a little bit about the history of that sight if you like
Das Kehlsteinhaus | Welcome

the elevator was really scary..huahhh
Das Kehlsteinhaus | The Building | Construction of the Tunnel and Elevator
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Oh my gosh, those are gorgeous pictures. Of course you always do such great pics and I appreciate you sharing :wub:

Heini is a cutie! Loved the pics of you and him looking out! Really, I loved all of them!
The scenery is beautiful.
I was just reading those it was Hilter's b day present.
I love the ones of you and Heini together.
Heini gets to see such interesting sights. Unfortunately, dogs seem to be banned from most sites of interest in North America.
wow, what a stunning view from such a high point. sounds like a fun adventure! thanks for sharing with us :)
It's such a gorgeous view,it's great Heinie gets to go places,not doggie restricted. Not like anyone could turn away such a handsom boy!
I always love to look at your photos...they are breathtaking! :ThankYou: The pic of you and Heini is so adorable. :wub: I also enjoyed the photo of you and Heini taking in all the beautiful scenery and being still in the moment, what a beautiful photo capturing such a special moment between the two of you. :aktion033:
I love all the pics especially the picture that is titled Peace and Quiet...with both your backs to the camera. What beautiful scenery. Makes me want to visit Canada.
Thank you so much for sharing these pics with us. One of these days I will go see some sights there in Germany. I'm half German, so I should! It's all so beautiful, and has so much history.
Your photos are breathtaking as usual. :wub: What a beautiful spot with such amazing scenery. I must say I couldn't believe that anything that beautiful has Hitler's name attached to it. I actually can't believe anything has Hitler's name attached to it. JMO.
Heini boy, I am crazy about your threads :D they always put a huge smile on my face... totally love these particular pictures as well .. it made it extra sweet to see you and your mommy in them.

Your pictures are beautiful! The scenery is breathtaking. I have to say that you and Heini seem to have so much fun together!
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