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Homeopathic Vet - Your Opinion

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I don't have any plans to RUN either of the girls over to this vet, but am interested in what she has to offer, but since I am a total noob when it comes to homemeopathy vet medicine I would be grateful for any opinions on her "about me" page. Thanks!

About Dr.Adriana Sagrera

I'm also interested in the animal food services products she offers, but asked that in another thread.

Thanks, again!

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I would give it a shot. From her description, she sounds pretty good.
Thanks, Suzan! I was hoping you would see this thread. :)

I was just looking at a similar thing having moved to a new place

Veterinary Hospital in Vancouver, BC - holistic, homeopathic and traditional care for animals I would be interested in how you find this kind of place for our fluffs
We need more Vets like her. I would be interested in seeing what her vaccine protocol is. I have a friend that has a fourteen year old Pembroke Welch Corgi that eats nothing bu a raw diet and she has a Holistic vet that does accupunture on the dog every now and then. You would never guess that the dog is that old.
She looks very qualified, having studied with Dr. Pitcairn but she lost me at 147.00 per hour!!!!! Yikes.

A little uneasy with how much she promotes her own retail sales. But I know it's a business so I would meet her first before I made a judgment.
I'm watching this thread, sounds like she knows what she's talking about
I know a number of show dogs (various breeds) that have had success with homopathic medicine. I would definitely explore it as an alternative to some of the procedures that regular Vets suggest.
Thanks, y'all. Sophie is scheduled for an ultrasound and a recheck on her stim test this Friday. After I get her results, I may make an appointment to go meet this vet and see what she has to say.

Just wondering- do homeopathic vets not believe in any vaccines at all? Or is that too much of a generalization to make?
Just wondering- do homeopathic vets not believe in any vaccines at all? Or is that too much of a generalization to make?

I think it depends on the individual vet but it is a legitimate generalization.

Most holistic or alternative doctors do not look favorably on vaccinations, but there are some who want to administer vaccinations like a conventional vet, but will space them out, give them individually instead of combo shots, and carefully monitor your pet afterward.

A long time ago, I read up on homeopathy, and at the time, I found it a little bit "over my head." However, I have to say that I've used a couple of homeopathic remedies over the years and most of them have worked well, although I can't explain the science behind it. Many homeopathic doctors also use TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and herbs as well.

Arnica is one of my favorite homeopathic pain remedies. I also use homeopathic eye drops.

This vet is expensive, but not any more so than most holistic or homeopathic doctors.

Sorry to ramble, I hope the info is useful.
Nothing beats the face to face with the vet. If you read enough here, you'll see posts by individuals who went to "holistic" vets only to find them little, if any, different from the traditional one they already use. You are going about things correctly with the personal meeting. Let us know what you think. :)
i would jump at the chance ,who say's you cant use both ,what ever works best .
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