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House sitting in NY

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It seems like an unusual idea for me, but I thought that I'd give it a shot. I'd really like to get this book finished. I could use some quiet time away from my home environment, and I also need to do some research around the NYC area.

Hubby and I (and Nikki) have to be in the Northeast during June for business, and I'd love to do my book research as well. We're on a tight budget, so I thought I'd offer myself as a house/apt sitter to cut our costs, while hubby is working in the Boston area. He can pick me up when he's done.

If you know of anyone who needs a house/apt sitter in or around the NYC area, or even CT/MA/VT, for 2-3 weeks in June, please feel free to contact me. Nikki would be with me. I can provide references that I'm a trustworthy person.

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well when u come to nyc let me know so we can have a playdate with the fluffs.
I truly wish I had the room. I'd ask you to stay with me.
Thanks, I need to house-sit in an empty place. We crazy writers tend to walk around talking to our characters out loud when we are in writing mode, so I'm better off being alone..LOL
Do you have an idea of what you would charge? I don't live in NYC and it might be too far away but I live near Ithaca (Cornell) in a small house WAY out in the country. I have actually been looking for a college student to house and puppy sit from June16th to the 27th. You can PM me if you'd like.
Suzan, if you wanted to do some petsitting I would happily move out of my home for a month or so!! But then you'd NEVER get any writing done ... :smhelp:
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