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Originally posted by LadysMom@Apr 7 2005, 11:58 AM
I know I've posted about this before, but I once asked the head of one of the Maltese rescues why there are so many pairs in rescue. She said that too many people get littermates or 2 puppies too close in age, thinking it will be twice the fun, when it ends up being "double trouble" just as Tundar's mom said. They end up with 2 unhousebroken, badly behaved adult dogs that they no longer want.
She said they are much harder to place as people are reluctant to take on the training (or lack of!) of two adult dogs.

That's why most experts recommend adding another one only when your first one is 100% housebroken and well behaved so that he can set a good example for the puppy. Just like kids, puppies will pick up bad habits from their peers!
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I was just wondering why there are SO mamy maltese at there in rescue.
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