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Good question! Summer and winter we only cool/heat the house during the day and turn it off at night. Using fans in the summer, our foam coated roof keeps the house cool enough and in the winter, I put a sheepskin blanket (converted from old car seat covers) in Pico's crate. Year 'round he has a chenille-rug-covered foam mattress in his crate.

He's only shivered when we've been in DFW airport during a winter trip and I put a sweater on him when he does that. He pants when he's hot and so far our Winter/Summer arrangements seem to suit him.

Oh, I did get a Canine Cooler bed to put on the living room sofa and he likes to "chill out" on that during the hot parts of the summer days before the thermostat hits 83 inside and I turn on the air finally!

We're broke and poor, too, like Tlunn and I just won't spend unneccessarily.
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