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How do you know when your baby is hot or cold? Tucker's xpen is right next to an A/C vent and he seems to ot mind it at all. He has been through the summer and we do keep the house around 67 to 68. He never seems hot either.

Winter is now upon us and I am not sure what to do. I did have a fluffy towel in his crate but he thinks it's a pee pad so we took it out. You are are going to kill me but he sleeps in a bare crate at night and seems to like it better.

He does have a bed that is soft and fluffy but he only uses that outside the crate or xpen.

This winter I am not sure what to do. I thought of wrapping a big towel around his crate to keep the cooler air out. How can you tell if they are cold? He never shivers unless he is getting towel dried after his bath.
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