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How do you prevent barking in puppy?

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Our last dog was totally deaf when we rescued him---so Kitzel's little, high pitched bark is starting to develop---maybe because it is getting more exercise!
Do you have any "tricks" that quiet your pup?
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The girls bark at 3 in the morning when a skunk or other critter runs through my yard (Gypsy sleeps on the back of the couch where she can see out the front window) or just a person walking in the room will trigger them all to bark. Once one starts, they ALL go... it IS annoying, but, eh, they're dogs. And I live in the country where I don't have to worry about neighbors because they're both half a mile form me LOL
So my philosophy is they're dogs, they bark, and unless it's 3 in the morning, I just let them do it. But when they can wake up the kids, I go out there and calm them down and reassure them everything' cool (and I walk through the house to make sure lol)
I should also note that I have 4 kids and my hubby is always out of state, so I sort of ENCOURAGE my dogs to bark if they feel the need... that way I know if someone gets in my house, my dogs will bark and let me know ;) I don't yell and I don't encourage them to bark over every little thing either.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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