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How do you prevent barking in puppy?

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Our last dog was totally deaf when we rescued him---so Kitzel's little, high pitched bark is starting to develop---maybe because it is getting more exercise!
Do you have any "tricks" that quiet your pup?
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i started a couple of threads on barking unfortunately even though i have tried all the suggestions , my usually quiet baby barks to get up on the beds and when they ring the bell he goes berzerk... amazingly so even though its annoying im kinda getting used to it ..smh..
the weird thing is my apt is LOUD ,kids making noise, im kind of loud , the t v is always loud , dolc eis not afraid of the blender , banging pots , kids crying , other dogs , stranger s,, my prob is the doorbell.. i try to take him to another room, ive also tried trats as soon as he stays quiet ,,, as soon as he eats treat he resumes barking,, i have tried about everything n thats the only time he acts like a madman.:w00t:
no tricks, just hard, consistent work. i recommend desensitizing your dog to sounds that could trigger barking (or fear for that matter), such as the doorbell, vaccum, fireworks, etc. - a Sound Socialization CD is very useful for this. also, you have to be mindful of NOT reinforcing the barking. so if the dog is barking for your attention, ignore her. finally, its helpful to teach some basic manners (recall, sit, down, etc.) and redirect your pup when she starts barking. i use a recall when mine start running outside to bark at passersby. hth!
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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