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How in the world

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Do you guys get your babies still enough to get pics.. Myah is constantly moving like a toddler. Also, she always wants to lay on the bed with me but she will not stay still, she want to play bite constantly. I would love for her to lay in my lap. Maybe I am asking too much for a pup. Thoughts?
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She'll settle down in time and you'll wonder where the puppy went. :)
oh, the joy of puppyhood! Keep at it.....find a treat she likes and hold it in front of her. Just keep doing it, one of these days she'll get it.
I agree!! Your puppy will settle down as she grows. And then she will be hounding YOU to take photos so she can get treats.
Poppy won't sit still either ... and when he does, he looks at me like I'm nuts.

Last night everybody was sound asleep, and poppy had all points up. I snuck off to get the camera, just as quiet as I could be. I came back and he was tucked up as tight as a snail in the back of his crate, sound asleep. He won't let me take pics even when he's sleeping, little bugger!! :HistericalSmiley:

HUGz! Jules
Pictures day.. a frustration UNTIL I bought a Flip video...not all small video cameras do what the Flip will do... I video my puppies and then plug the camera into my computer and I can send the entire video OR I can go though what I just video and get still pictures..:w00t: THE ONLY SANE way to get a picture of a wiggly puppy! My siggy picture was done that way. Jeanne
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