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It really did make me kind of sad. My kids can;t go outside alone. My son held hands with a little girl on the bus-his mother called me and went crazy. Remeber when we lined up in the hall, and we HAD to hold hands with the kid next to us? There was no sexual inuendo there-you held hands with the kid, and if you were lucky you'd get to let go because the other kid always had sweaty palms!!

The school nurse gave us our physicals. And aspirin or band aids when we needed it-noone called the parents to tell them-it was just done.

Strange times these are. Life was simpler when I was a child-so much so. It makes me wish we lived in some small one horse town where it really is still a safe place for kids.

Those green stamps were the joy of my mothers shopping days! So funny remembering that stuff.
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