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How many of u have been to a dog show?

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YOu know I have never been to a professional dog show but I just love watching them on TV. I wonder how many Maltese doggie's have won top honors at those shows? The Maltese and Bichon's and Pom's are my favorite doggies to watch on the shows.
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I would also love to go to one.
I love going to dog shows. If you ever get the chance need to go. You will end up appreciating the beauty of all breeds. Also take money, they sometimes have really cool vendors with all kinds of dog stuff. I could spend an entire day watching.
I did a google search on dog shows in my area and a page came up with dates for when dog shows were being held. They've all passed though.
i go to obedience dog shows that are totally awesome. events, they have cool stuff.

and even the obedience dog shows have venders. but definitely check out the events page on dogfriendly---thats where they have cool venders.
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@Aug 6 2004, 10:31 PM
Also take money, they sometimes have really cool vendors with all kinds of dog stuff. I could spend an entire day watching.
Haha! That was more the reason I want to go, to shop and buy stuff for the dogs. I am sure they must have some really awesome vendors at the shows. I can only imagine.

Does anyone know how to find out about shows in your area? Is there a website that tells of upcoming shows?[/B]
There is a dog show coming up Labor Day weekend. If I am in town I want to go so that I can check out the vendors that are there! I went to a small dog show in Dubuque, IA them month before I got Lexi. I got some PetSilk shampoo & rinse. They had a lot of cool stuff, everything from toys on up crates. They had tons of grooming supplies!
i like getting the free dog treats. lol.
and at few of the vendors had the CUTEST clothes!
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The American Maltese Association show is in Orlando this year September 21 thru 24th. information is on their website. I live in Tampa so it's close for me. I'm looking forward to meeting the breeders , hopefully some good shopping and lots and lots of beautiful Maltese!
Nicole: The dog show is in Des Moines, IA at the Iowa State Fairgrounds in the Varied Industries Building. The show hours are 6AM to 10PM Saturday, Sept 3 and Sunday, Sept 4. Saturday is going to be the All Breed Dog Show and Sunday they will finish the All Breed Dog Show plus have an Obdenience Trial.

If you do come to Des Moines you should go to this shop down in Valley Junction it is called Three Dog Bakery. Lexi and I go there about every week. They have treats, food, collars, toys, beds, carriers, and a lot of other stuff. Oh, and a new mall just opened up, it is called Jordan Creek Town Center. It is the biggest mall in Iowa.
Well if you REALLY like doggie stuff Nov 6-7 there is going to be the "Great Iowa Pet Expo" at the fairgrounds. It is supposed to be huge. You can bring your dog if they are well behaved. There are will be lots of companies there, some of which are normally not available in this area. I have not been to this before and am planning on attending. I asked some people in the office and they said it is really neat.

Here is the website for it, but it still has last years info on it: Great Iowa Pet Expo
I have never been to a dog show, but I want to go to one very badly

What is the best kind of show to go to?

Conformation, obedience...

I like the shows like the Westminster, what is closest to that?
I go to Crufts most years. You get the lot - beauty, obedience, agility, fly-ball, child-handlers and so much more. You do need to take a great wadge of cash and quite a few credit cards though.

My big ambition is to see the Westminster - one day - who knows

Sorrreee, didn't realize how old this thread is
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Hey Lorraine,
Who cares how old it is......its a good topic. I love dog shows. When we were looking for a breed after our cocker died we narrowed our choices down to westies and bichons and went to a big show in Virginia Beach that lasted for 4 days. One of the breeders that we considering was showing bichons and invited us to come and meet her and her dogs. They were so beautiful. We got a chance to talk to lots of dog people and it really helped us decide on bichons as the right breed at that time in our family's life. For several years after we got Jolie I faithfully attended that show. I also love looking at the goodies that the vendors have. Now that we have maltese, I'd love to go to a show that one of my breeders was going to be showing dogs.
I am going to a toy dog show at the end of August. This will be my first & i am really looking forward to it.
I was meant to go to one in June but i could not make it
& i am meeting one of the show breeders there to see her dogs & pups. I'm sorry i missed the June one cause her male pup won best pup & hope she wins this time too. I'd love to get a show pup from her in the near future.
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