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Hey Lorraine,
Who cares how old it is......its a good topic. I love dog shows. When we were looking for a breed after our cocker died we narrowed our choices down to westies and bichons and went to a big show in Virginia Beach that lasted for 4 days. One of the breeders that we considering was showing bichons and invited us to come and meet her and her dogs. They were so beautiful. We got a chance to talk to lots of dog people and it really helped us decide on bichons as the right breed at that time in our family's life. For several years after we got Jolie I faithfully attended that show. I also love looking at the goodies that the vendors have. Now that we have maltese, I'd love to go to a show that one of my breeders was going to be showing dogs.
1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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