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There are two methods to upload photos in SM; hence two ways to delete older photos posted here:

Method (1): Uploading photos Directly from your computer as an attachment with your post/thread.This method has a storage limit; once exceeded, you cannot attach more photos. Mine exceeded the storage limit. I will have to delete old attachments if I wanted to attach new pictures directly from PC. The answer is "yes" you can delete old attachements. Basically, if you go and try attaching new photos (after you exceeded your limit), it will tell you that you can not due to this fact (exceeded storage limit), then it will show you an option where you can delete older attachment. Scroll down in this thread to see a step by step [picture tutorial] on how to do it.
Please note: I don't think it is possible (I might be wrong! I am 80% sure that it is not possible) to delete older pictures uploaded through this method IF you did not exceed your storage limit. The only way I know to delete them when your storage did not exceed the limit is to open the thread/post where they were attached, edit the thread/post, and click on "manage attachment" in that specific edited post/thread and delete them. Since editing Threads is no longer an option, I don't see how can you delete them like that.

Method (2): Uploading through a photo hosting website (such as by copying and pasting the photo's direct URL. This is the method I use to post my pictures. Your limit to post photos is unlimited. You can post as many as you like. If you still wished to delete older photos that were uploaded through this method (through picture hosting websites, such as photobucket), then "no" you can not delete the photo in an older thread/post in SM because editing older threads/posts has been disabled after 30 minutes from posting them. What you could do though is, delete the picture itself from the photo hosting website (ex: deleting it from your photobucket account). This will make the photo not shown in an older thread in SM.

Here is how you can do delete older pictures you attached IF you exceeded your storage limit .

Step 1: in any new thread/post, scroll down and click on "Manage Attachment"

Step 2: Ignore the sign that says "exceeds storage limit" lol

Step 3: click on "choose file" (as if you are about to attach new pictures)

Step 4: select the photo from your PC and click on "choose"

Step 5: when this error message will appear, the option to edit/delete ALL your previous attachments will appear too. Click on it....

Step 6: this window will appear with ALL of your attachments. Next to each attachment, there is a box. Tick on whatever picture you wanna delete.

You will then have to scroll down in the above page and hit "delete". All will be gone :) if your storage for attaching pictures did not exceed the limit, yet you still wanted to delete older attached photos, i suggest you exceed the limit to be able to then delet them ALL if you wished to lol :p
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