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I thought this will be useful for new members, especially visual learners :)

(Note: If you click on the video screen twice, it will take you to the video's youtube page - video with its content is larger/more clear/in High Definition when it is in its youtube page + it can be watched in HD full screen when you click on that icon in Youtube....for very clear and more seeable viewing. In Youtube, the video is unlisted. Only those with the link can see it which means that only the ones in SM can view it here or in youtube because the link is only shared here)

I was playing around with my new software, checking out all its features and options by using them (rather than reading about them) and creating something useful out of it. this software will be so useful for my friends, when i try and teach them some stuff and how i do them - for tutorials

The above video is my first tutorial video (after quite a few first trails and testings which explains the tones of photos I posted in the "test" section in SM recently :blush:).

You see, I am a visual learner. Reading and hearing is great ways to learn, but I learn best by *watching* and doing/trying things. Even when I try to send out a message, I prefer to do it with a video, so I hope new comers will find this useful.

In another not for Yung I tried the BB custom that you wrote to me about, but the size came out the exact same as the above (so I edited it again and kept the above). This video is wide. I don't think we can make it viewable here the same way as it is wide/large/more clear in all its wordings as it is in Youtube (i might be wrong though), but it is still great that you enabled the BB custom tags.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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