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Hunter loves his NEW FOOD

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I bought a new food from Crystal for Hunter from Grandma Lucy's called Thrive (which is now Artisan). I wasn't sure he would love it as he wasn't a big fan of Stella and Chewy's but he LOVES this food! He very unpatiently waits for his meal to be made in the evening and licks the bowl clean. Then he returns to the bowl later in order to clean the bowl just once more. We now have to take his bowl up when he is done to ensure that he doesn't keep running back after dinner to try his bowl again.

What about breakfast you wonder? That is made the night before and is taken out of the fridge before he goes out to the bathroom and that gets gobbled up and the bowel licked cleaner than clean!

I can't say enough about this great food and a big thanks to Crystal for helping me pick between this and Dr. H's.

Why did I pick this one over Dr. H's?? We don't usually have a lot of animal protein in the house because DH is vegan and I didn't want to compromise his beliefs by asking him to help me prepare Hunter's weekly food. So, we went the dehydrated route and its great! Also, we travel A LOT and so therefore this travels a lot better than something we would have to make fresh and keep it cold while traveling. So - that's why I picked it!:thumbsup:
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I'm so glad Hunter likes his new food!:chili: Isn't it just the best feeling in the world to see how happy and excited they are for yummy food the love? And....due to the garlic content, I'm betting you may not have to use any flea meds this summer...if you're brave enough to try that is.

I think if it were me, I'd keep the unused food you are storing in a Tupperware container, in the refrigerator. :thumbsup:
thanks erin- I think I'll try some. By the way-who is Crystal?
That's me! :thumbsup:
Hi Crystal...I'm new to the Forum so didn't realize who you were. I peaked at your website-I didn't see the Artisan Grandma Lucy's-did I miss it? I only saw the" true grain free" which looked different. Also which of the treats do you think dogs go the most crazy for? I'm tempted to try one of the trail mixes. Do people just go to your website to order?

Sorry about that. I had not changed it on my site and have been meaning to. The Artisan food had originally been called 'Truth'. Exact same formula just different packaging and name. It's changed now. :thumbsup:

Yes you can order off my web site. Also, if you are wanting one of the other formulas like Venison, Bison, Pork, or the Pre-mix, just PM me and I'll be glad to order it for you.

As for which treats most dogs go crazy for, if your dog is used to the freeze dried texture, the Tiny Tidbits are great. The blueberry and pumpkin are really yummy...even for us humans! And yes, we humans CAN eat them since they are made with human grade ingredients in a human grade facility. However, I don't recommend these for daily treats since there is organic dehydrated cane juice in them and we have so much periodontal problems with these tiny ones that I'm really careful about how much sugar they get. Personally, the favorite of all 3 of mine are the NY Dog Chewz Toy Temptations. They come in 3 flavors. Carob Cheesecake, Pizza Mutt, Apple Cheddar and Chicken Parmesan.

Toy Temptations
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