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Hunter loves his NEW FOOD

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I bought a new food from Crystal for Hunter from Grandma Lucy's called Thrive (which is now Artisan). I wasn't sure he would love it as he wasn't a big fan of Stella and Chewy's but he LOVES this food! He very unpatiently waits for his meal to be made in the evening and licks the bowl clean. Then he returns to the bowl later in order to clean the bowl just once more. We now have to take his bowl up when he is done to ensure that he doesn't keep running back after dinner to try his bowl again.

What about breakfast you wonder? That is made the night before and is taken out of the fridge before he goes out to the bathroom and that gets gobbled up and the bowel licked cleaner than clean!

I can't say enough about this great food and a big thanks to Crystal for helping me pick between this and Dr. H's.

Why did I pick this one over Dr. H's?? We don't usually have a lot of animal protein in the house because DH is vegan and I didn't want to compromise his beliefs by asking him to help me prepare Hunter's weekly food. So, we went the dehydrated route and its great! Also, we travel A LOT and so therefore this travels a lot better than something we would have to make fresh and keep it cold while traveling. So - that's why I picked it!:thumbsup:
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What about breakfast you wonder? That is made the night before and is taken out of the fridge before he goes out to the bathroom and that gets gobbled up and the bowel licked cleaner than clean!

Okay, Erin. I'm hoping this is a typo or else that new food is very good for the digestive system.:smrofl::smrofl: It sounds like a winner! I'm so happy you found something with such convenience that Hunter's wild about. Talk about being eaten out of house and home. Hide the bowls!: :w00t:
I'm pretty much getting into the route of home cooking. We tried Dr. Harvey's veg to bowl and he wouldn't eat it. I tried it-- yes I did and it was really good. Just fresh veggies. So I have to figure out supplements, etc. Tyler's still eating some canned with his food but not lovin' it. He's just not a very food motivated guy.
Totally a typo!!! I have a new computer and am still getting used to the keys! I didn't think Hunter would like veg to bowl so I started looking at other things and found this one.

That's great Erin, I almost went with Grandma Lucy's but I just couldn't find enough reviews about the food. Plus I like the idea of rotating proteins weekly that Dr Harvey's lets me do. A 3lb of Artisan makes about 17lbs of rehydrated food which would prob lasts months of the same protein. Then just last week the owner of a local pet store was talking so highly about Artisan and her dogs looooooves it. So I believe Artisan is a great and healthy food.. Im glad Hunter loves it. Good Job!!
My plan is to order one back of Lamb and one bag of the other and rotate them each month and see how that goes. I plan on keeping the one not being used in an airtight container like kibble would be.
They actually sell Grandma Lucy's here in Canada. The food yes looks like very good quality but how do you prepare it. The chunks in the bag are huge!
I give Hunter 1/3 a cup in the morning and 1/3 a cup in the evening. For his weight they suggest 1.1 cups a day for an inactive pup but I found that to be too much food for him so he gets 2/3 a cup a day and then various snacks throughout the day.

I use a measuring scoop and scoop out 1/3 of the food then I fill the same measuring cup with warm water. Then I stir and sit it aside for a few minutes. The larger chunks of meat when rehydrated are easily cut with a knife but I often just let Hunter work on them and he often breaks them up really easily.
I was just reading about Grandma Lucy's and i love the fact that the Artisan comes in a variety of flavors (chicken, bison, lamb and venison). I'm currently feeding Dr. Harveys Vegtable, but i would like something that i can take with us when we go somewhere. I just ordered the lamb and can't wait to see how my fluffs like it, Chloe is allergic to poultry so we won't be trying the chicken.
Oh - please let me know how they like it!
My two have eaten the Artisan Lamb for two days now. They both absolutely love it. :chili: Cooper has never been one to lick his bowl clean but he does now! He even goes over to check Tucker's bowl! We have had no problems transitioning to the new food either. I feel good about this one! :thumbsup:
that's the reaction I got! I am so happy that others like this food as well. we didnt have any trouble with transition and I thought we would. I really like this food and hope the "honeymoon phase" continues. This will be our first weekend traveling while eating this food so we will see how that goes.

After reading your thread, I went out and bought the Artisan Pork. I'm excited to try it tonight. Thanks for the heads up!
ohhh.....let us kno how the pork is - we haven't tried anything but lamb.
I think I may try the Lamb for Kodi as well. She is such a picky eater....

Are your pups still loving the new food?
Hubby and I were just commenting on how much Hunter likes this food still. We had to go back to kibble/home cooking while we waited on another order because I waited too long to order and we noticed that Hunter no longer reminded us when it was dinner time. But, since starting it up again he is once more doing the food dance at 5:05! I would say he LOVES this food!:chili:
For everyone who wants to try this food I just called the company and they told me to go to the website, contact, and type an inquiry requesting a sample of the food :) I am excited to try this for my pups!

Thanks for sharing this info!!! I have given out some of Hunter's food to friends to try but now they can get their own (and probably bigger samples!). Please let us know what everyone thinks of this food!
thanks for the info. I have emailed them for some samples,too. I'm wondering if anyone has tried any of the Grandma Lucy treats? The trail mix, freeze dried treats and the little tidbit meatballs all sound interesting, but I can't find any reviews online from people that have tried them. I didn't see them until after I requested samples, but if anyone does try them please let me know what you think. I have a mixed maltese/yorkie rescue and a VERY finicky little havanese. I've tried tons of food samples and can't find anything that Cocotini (my havanese) wants to eat. Hopefully this will be a winner. :)
Hunter loves the tidbit meatballs that we ordered from Crystal. We also have the trailmix that she sent but we haven't tried it yet as we are saving it for our vacation in August. It looks really yummy though and since he loves freeze dried peaches and apples I am sure he will love it!
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