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Hunter's First Give-Away

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Hunter is hosting his first give-away on his blog at Please stop by to check out what amazing item from a cute boutique your little one could win. I'm sure once you see what Hunter has to give-away you will be TICKLED PINK with excitement!

Every individual has up to FOUR chances to win and the give-away is open till September 17th.

Hunter asked me to let his SM friends know about the give-away so that they wouldn't be missing out on such a great offer.:wub:
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I realized I might have posted this too early this morning so I am "bumping" it.
Oh Hunter sweetheart. Your mommy and I must be sisters from another mother (or something). Guess what just came in the mail for Tyler from Tickled Pink this weekend while we were away ? That cute Halloween vest that I ordered on Wednesday. It looks so adorable and I know Tyler will wear it more easily than a whole complicated outfit. It looks so cute on. I ordered that and a satin lined step in harness. Angelyn is amazing getting them out so quickly too. Good luck to the winner. Of course I might just enter so I can get one to send onto another lucky fluff.:chili:
We really must be related in some fashion!!! Hunter wants Tyler to know that he is 100% welcome to enter and if he is the lucky winner he can gift his prize to a special friend. We would love to see Tyler in his BOO vest!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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