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I just wanted to share this information from Diane Albers' web page. If you know anyone who had kennel space in the area, can help with convoys, supplies, this is how to handle it according to Albers. (see below)

I know some breed groups have already organized to move purebreeds out of the shelters in Texas that have taken in Gulf Coast animals, to put them in foster homes for however long it takes for homeless people to get back on their feet.

I don't know if the American Maltese Assoc. has any such plans, but, if anyone else does, it would be great to hear.

Anyway, this is from Diane Albers:

In the hurried calls re Louisiana, Mississippi and other Gulf Coast Disaster Areas, here’s a synopsis as of 8/30/05, Tuesday afternoon:

"Hold Tight.  You can’t get in there now, Martial Law has been declared.  What you can and must do is get organized, set up a collection point in your area for veterinary supplies and crates.  Transportation is extremely important, large vehicles, trucks, and drivers to move the animals to Shelter."  Diane went on to explain that it will not be until after the worst dangers like downed wires, buildings collapsing, and survivors have been rescued that animal rescue teams will be allowed in.

Diane advises "Please, don’t add to the confusion or complicate the rescue efforts, but DO ORGANIZE help!"  She is organizing convoys from Florida and trying to help arrange similar efforts in neighboring states, particularly Texas.  Her Group is "trying to locate people who stayed behind because they could not or would not evacuate and leave horses and other beloved animals to die."  The reality is, some of those people died and not knowing who survived, if they are injured, where they are, well, it’s driving everyone crazy.

Don’t clog this line!!!!  800-597-2987 Call only if you can offer: Shelter – Transportation – Supplies (veterinary, bedding, crates) Specialty Foods.[/B]
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