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I bought Bailey a baby pool

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It has been soooo hot here the past few weeks that I worry about Bailey being in the heat for too long. He loves to go for walks everyday so I thought I would get him a little baby pool to cool him off after his walks. I just filled the bottom of the pool, not too deep, and I stepped into the pool to see what his reaction would be. He just watched me walk around for a few minutes and I knew he wasn't sure about this swimming pool thing.
So... I went into the house and brought out one of his balls and took it back into the pool with me. That did it, he couldn't stand it because I had his ball in the pool so... he jumped right in!
We played fetch in the pool for a long time and he had a blast!! Now, everytime he goes out in the yard, he walks over to the pool and just looks in it...then looks back at me. It is so cute because it seems as if he is asking me if he can get in!
We played in the pool 2 times yesterday and I am pretty sure this will become a regular "game" for us to play during the summer months!
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Originally posted by TheButtercup@Jul 2 2005, 11:28 AM
signs i'm clearly getting old:
i've read this topic subject line each day and EVERY time i SWEAR it says "I bought Bailey a baby POO!" and i think "WHY would you BUY POO????"  i mean i love the buttercup more than life itself, but i would never buy her POO....she has plenty of other "crap" lying around the house that she doesnt play with LOLOLOLOLOL

ann marie and the "now mommy, I WANT A POOL! all the COOL kids have pools! i want one too!" buttercup
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That is so funny!!!

Sometimes I do that with threads, too... I'll read it and not "get it" and then finally realize I've mis-read it!!
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