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Here in NJ, kindergarten is not required. Although not many parents do this, some children don't start school until the 1st grade. Having said that, all three of my kids went to full day, every day kindergarten. All three also went to pre-school starting at age 3. That was a 3 day a week, half day program. My youngest attended pre-k at 4 years old in a full day, every day program. She was the only one of the three to do that. The other two went to a traditional pre-k program (mostly play, learn ABC's, numbers, and how to write your name.)

My children attend a private school and none of their classes has more than 15 students. To me, the large number (greater than 25) would be more of a concern than the length of the day. But what works for us might not work for others. I say go with your gut because you know what's in their best interests.
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