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I can't believe I am going to ask this but..

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Back in February, we went to an open house for Kindergarten for my 5yr old Molly. When we got there, they asked us how we felt about the possibility of having all day kindergarten implemented there. They also asked if it was an option what would we do and if it was MANDATORY what would we do(parochial school so there WOULD be other options). So...I filled out my questionaire...I said I'd choose half day kindergarten. Then they asked us to put "why" we had chosen our answer. I put that (ok ...ok it's selfish I know but)...this is my last child and I want to spend as much time w/ her as I can (even if I do start working part time).
So maybe that is not a very valid reason but hey, at least I'm honest. Ok, so onward to mid march...

We go to Kindergarten registration and again, we are asked that if we had the option to choose, what would we do....and we had to specify at this point...morning or afternoon half day or all day/every day. Again, I put half day and tagged on the afternoon choice. Two of my three that have gone thru this school thus far have been in afternoons and I find it much more relaxing for everyone involved! Anyway...we get a letter on Friday that there were 54 children signed up for Kindergarten. Out of these 54, 25 are signed up for all day/every day, 19 are signed up for morning half days and 10 are signed up for the afternoon half days. They are making the all day optional this year and are looking to make it mandatory next year. Putting my feelings aside about what all day (pro or con..doesn't matter really)...I am a bit concerned about having a class of 54 children ...half are going to go all day every day. Will this effect how they mix next year and effect them as a whole class(educationally and socially). Why not do all or none? Now you have 54 parents wondering if their original decisions are correct. They are now going to do a parent meeting next week. I wish they had done so before the letters were sent out so parents aren't frantic. final question is this... if my daughter remains in the class she is signed up for, would having 10 children in a class be a good thing or bad? While they get individual attention ...will this be a bad thing for next year when they get to first grade and may have a class of 20-25? All day kindergarten is new to our community and I believe will come to be a common thing soon. All of the surrounding schools do this and I am not dead set against it...I just wonder if splitting a group of 54 kids up (half/all day) is a good thing...

I really don't have strong feelings either way on I am posting it hoping it will give me some idea on what to expect. I do think my daughter would be fine in all day every day, but the schedule they gave us really didn't impress me too entirely so I don't think she'd suffer THAT much. But am I putting her at a disadvantage by not considering it? I might not have a choice, I might not be able to move her even if I did change my mind...just want some feedback.
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My school district doesn't offer full day kindergarten-there are too many children in the district and kindergarten teachers are too few. (and classroom space)

My son, Joseph, goes to half day, every day, pre-k. I pay extra for the every day thing, but he loves it, and get's more socialization-all my friends children go to the same thing.

Next year, it's half day Kindergarten. If they had full day, I don't know if I'd like it-How much can a 5 year old take? He is dogged by half a day. We spend the afternoon playing outside, and resting.

I know that parents that work full time are pushing for all day K. They are the ones that have the kids in all day daycare now. I understand their position of working, but I'm not in that position, and while they're babies, I'd rather they be babies with me.

My son who's in 1st grade, adjusted from half day K to full day easily, as did my daughter who's now in 3rd.

They will have so many years to be out of the house all day, and away from me-I'm not rushing it. Not at all.
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