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Hi Triste! I'm going to give my honest opinion on the matter but it might not be the Right decision for you. I graduated in 1990 with a degree in elementary education but have not taught since 1998, having started a family. I was very fortunate that I do not have to work and could stay home full time with my 2 girls. My youngest is 4 and has one more year of at home with mom. Kindergarten here is everyday all day (which I'm not fond of for me but for those parents who work full time or "ignore" their children at home then it may be better). I believe my children have benefited from being with me versus preschool, etc. Having said that, it really depends on if the parent is truly spending time with their child. If your child is spending most of the time watching tv, playing alone then I would say she/he would be better off in school. But if the parent is interacting with the child, having playdates and etc., I feel she/he is learning valuable lessons at home. My daughter and I read, play educational games, bake (measurements), plus she "helps" with chores, and we attend the local library story hour each week, and get together for play time with another child and mother. Hope this helps! Bottom line is follow your heart
: What is best for one child may not be the right choice for another.
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