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I can't stop taking pictures...HELP!!!!...

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This is what you get when you have company who wants to help you take pictures.....right:blink:....Tink is scared to death and the girls are watching him. :blink::smilie_tischkante: - get away from us!!!!!! :w00t:
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Here's Abbey who takes herself way too serious...and miss Ava in the background.
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All three munchkins
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oh, I forgot the reason I was taking pictures was because the girls have matching dresses on today :blush:
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Awww, look at these two perfect posers....:wub:
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And - look at Ava's profile....I love it. Well, I love every inch of her actually.
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Ok, now go out and have a great Saturday!!!!! :chili::chili:
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Pat I love the A team. Great pictures!! :wub:
I've decided .....Avas haircut is awesome! I loved it the first time but now I love it even more! All your babies are so cute and I just love that Tink.
wonderful and precious pictures. this one is soooo cute

I want to kiss that little nose :wub:
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Hahaha adorable pics. Abbie is so not into it. Ava looks precious in her little pink dress.
They all look so adorable. Very pretty little pink dresses.
I love Ava's profile shot :wub:
Pat, you have to have company around more often to make you take more pix. Lovely, beautiful shots. All of them. So cute in those dresses and that profile photo of Ava must go in a frame.:wub::wub:
Pat, I love all your babies!! :wub::wub::wub::wub:Abbie and Ava look so darling in matching outfits!

You take the best family portraits. I don't know how you get all four looking at you. I only have two and I can only ever get one to cooperate at a time. :blink:
Such good little posers! Even Tink got into the action :)
I love the pictures. I love seeing the "A" team. Cute dresses!

Darlene and MiLey
please don't stop taking pics! I can't get enough of your gorgeous and loving gang. So will you be dressing Ava and Abbey alike more often? They look so cute together.
Oh Pat, just LOVE your babies. And don't come for us to help for you to stop taking pics of your gorgeous, precious gang, NOPE. We won't MORE!!!!

Love them Pat!!!
all your babies look so great!!:wub::wub:
glad you cant stop taking pics!!!:chili::chili:
Please don't stop taking pictures, Pat! Your A-Team looks gorgeous in the pink dresses!
Love that profile pic of Ava so much, what a tiny doll face she has! :wub:

CUTENESS overload!!! I LOVE your crew: The A team + T :wub::wub::wub::wub: OMG in that first picture, their faces speak your caption/description to it. Bless their hearts :tender:

Arch, Ava and Abby look darling in these pictures :wub: awwwh @ Tink's face..I wish that I can reach him through my screen, hug and shower him with kisses.

The girls look awesome in their matching dresses...I don't have two malts of the same gender. Now I am starting to wonder, would I prefer to let them wear the same outfits or different. Whichi do you prefer, Pat? or is it the same/doesn't matter? Makes me wanna get another female to learn about my preference to this (when it comes to my malts) :HistericalSmiley: I know that as a child, I hated it when mum got my younger sister the same stuff as mine LOL but I find/see it soooooo CUTE to see two malt-sister wearing the same; I also find/see it sooooo cool to see two human sisters do the same now (as long as it is not my sister and I). I can just imagine, getting a second female, dressing her up exactly like Crystal, then having my own mum comment on how I hated it when she did that to me and sister :LOL: My only hope will be that she will forget about it...

Ok, now go out and have a great Saturday!!!!! :chili::chili:
Well, Saturday is almost over here. It is almost bed time. I am here for my bed time reading :D thanks for making my night with these precious pictures
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You have such a beautiful bunch of fluffbutts! I love them all! :wub:
Help you stop taking pictures??!!?!?!?! I don't think so - if you ever stop then we'll have to have an intervention!!!!

Pat, the kids look great!!!

Pat now you make me feel quilty, think I better take a few pics today.
I love the babies, that first picture of all 4 is precious, Tink looks so thrilled:HistericalSmiley:
Well, Pat, if you feel that taking pictures has really become a problem, I'll be happy to take that camera off your hands. I mean, what are friends for, if they're not looking out for eachother? LOL
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