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I feel horrible- maltese at hospital for spaying

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I feel like crying. She is the cutest thing and I did not want to leave her while I go to work.

I feel confident in the vet that she is going to because they are using the latest in technology and also all natural stuff, but...............

I just hope that she will be fine when I get her home.

<span style="font-family:Arial">Boo Hoo :-( </span>

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I found a groomer that will do Bella while I wait so she doesn't have to be kept in a cage waiting. It takes hour to hour and a half. I can see all that is going on as it is a very open place and Bella can see me. I guess I am very fortunate because there is no way I could leave her at a groomers. I would freak out.

I agree about making sure you get pain meds. My vet didn't offer them till the fourth day when Bella still seemed uncomfortable. Soon as she got them she was fine. I wish they had offered them the day of surgery or I had known to ask for them.

She will be fine. I :new_Eyecrazy: did much worse than Bella because of all my anxiety.

(Good wishes to Tucker on his neuter today too)
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