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I feel horrible- maltese at hospital for spaying

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I feel like crying. She is the cutest thing and I did not want to leave her while I go to work.

I feel confident in the vet that she is going to because they are using the latest in technology and also all natural stuff, but...............

I just hope that she will be fine when I get her home.

<span style="font-family:Arial">Boo Hoo :-( </span>

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I know how nervous are.
That was the hardest thing for me - getting Abbey spayed but within a couple of days she was back to her old self like nothing ever happened! Of course, you keep worrying because you have to keep them still. Luckily for me, Abbey couldn't and still can't do steps. She's a little chicken but that's okay - she knows I'll carry her anywhere she wants to go!

Let us know how she's doing. Best Wishes for a speedy recovery!
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