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Originally posted by sassy14830+Aug 5 2005, 11:41 PM-->
<!--QuoteBegin-Lexi's Mom
@Aug 5 2005, 09:56 PM
I gave in and bought the girls some bully sticks! 
  They love them.  Nikki has been chewing on hers for about 30 minutes non-stop.  Lexi hide hers and then forgot where she put it.  She was walking around for a few minutes looking for it. 
I think she was convinced Nikki had stolen hers because she kind of stood over Nikki glaring at her. 
  I had to help her find hers.  Which she promptly hid again. LOL
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I thought this was so funny. I figured prissy was weird. Anytime I give her any bone or treat she hides it. She will look around the room for ever to bury it. She has found out how to open my slideing doors to my closet and hide them in my shoes ir in clothes thats her fav place. Its sooo funny to watch her she puts it in the clothes and uses her nose to attempt to cover it up. I cant get mad at her, Its too cute. Even though everytime I have dirty laundry piled in my room and I go to wash it I always find her stash.
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Brink does this too...when I see him walking around pacing with his greeny or nylabone in his mouth, I get a quilt down and put it on the couch or on the floor. He will bury it in that....takes him awhile to get it like he likes it. He will also bury it in clothes baskets, my purse, and HIS toy basket. The other day I dumped his toy basket to redistribute the toys and get some of the bottom ones to the top. I bet there were 12 greenies in the bottom of that basket!
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