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"I hate baths!"

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Here are some pictures of Twinkle after a bath. I am in the process of growing out her bangs so she looks like a marshmallow head!

The bottom 2 are Twinkle's after shower glare. =)


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I love, love, love Twinkle's glare! :smrofl: Too cute!!
haha, those last 2 shots are killer. What a cutie Twinkle is.
Miss Cutie......I don't think many malts like to bathe too much but it is a necessary thing~~~lol!!!
How cute! :wub: I think I've seen that glare in our house after bath time too.
Like the others, I've seen that "look" too! :wub::HistericalSmiley:

There's just something about a BATH that brings out the Drama Queen in all of them! (see below!):HistericalSmiley:

I love love LOVE that first picture, though. She looks SO put upon! :wub:
awwwwwwwwwwwh what a cutie pie .. hehe adorable glare :p

I think you will soon have the cutest marshmallow head ^_^

Twinkle is a cutie the after bath pictures!:wub2:
LOL hello little ms.grumpy in the last two pictures! so cute <3
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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