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Lily, I agree with me, love my dog. And, really, what would they do if you showed up all the way from Florida with this adorable fluff-butt?

Another option: I will be in Boca Raton over Christmas. I know that's a bit of a drive for you but they are maybe a mile off 95 on Palmetto Parkway. Not sure exact dates yet. I am not bringing Pico this trip because the stupid airlines charge $160 roundtrip plus it costs me $44 for the health certificate. And I get NOTHING for this. His carrier counts as a carry-on. So, what's the difference? $200 bucks, that's what. Sorry. I get so po'd about this.

Anyway, I'm staying with my daughter and her husband, 5 year old grandson and 13 going on 21 granddaughter and their cat. The cat stays out of sight when Pico is around so that should not be an issue with Sunny. They were the original owners of Pico but found that managing two jobs, a diabetic son and a teenager left too little time for Pico. When I am there with Pico, he sleeps with me. At home, he sleeps in his crate.

If you are interested in letting me have the honor and pleasure of Sunny's company, let me know and I will run it by my daughter, since it is her house.

Originally posted by Lilly521@Nov 15 2004, 08:55 PM
I have to go to New Jersy and stay with family there, when i mentioned bringing Sunny they would have nothing to do with it 
  So I have to have hiim boarded for about a week I am really worried.  He is only going to be a week or 2 over 6 months when he is there and that is still so young, there was a really nice place here I wanted to send him but they have been booked christmas week since march so I have to take him to my second choose, his hair has gotten pretty long will they brush him? he is getting a hair cut soon should I get it cut short before sending him? The place i am sending him is still nice but he is so little (even if he is like the worlds largest maltese lol 
) I live in an area that everone lives on over an acre and most people here have big dogs, this place I am sending him is the one people around here used so I am wondering if there will be any other dogs his size.  I am gonna make a appointemnt for next year at the place I wanted to send him just in case (its like almost all toy dogs there so i would have felt a little better) Have any of ya'll boared your dogs? When they were this young? Am I overreacting?

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