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Originally posted by Lilly521@Nov 17 2004, 09:41 AM
Well my mom isnt really a big dog person so she generaly just goes on what i say about taking care of sunny, i did a ton of research before getting him and obviously and still getting information, she wanted to bring him to new jersy, but we couldnt so she made him a boarding reservation just in case we couldnt come up with something else (thats what we did with my old dog but he was really differnt a cocker corgi mix he was pretty tough lol) i have a friend about an hour and a half from here i am trying to get to watch him which might work i will just have to leave really detailed instructions becuase she has never had a dog like him, i would still get his hair cut short no matter where he ends up becuase right now i am brushing him twice a day and he is still putting up a little fight about it sometime so i wouldnt want to leave someone with that responsability, so i got my fingers crossed with works with my friend out of town lol other wise i dont know what to do
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OK, how about letting your mom read some of the posts here? Also, how about searching for a place to board her in NJ? I could certainly find out some names of kennels in the Paramus area. My thinking is if you bring him to NJ, your hosts may reconsider letting him stay once they see your puppy. And if they don't you could have him relatively close to you so at least you could visit him everyday.
1 - 1 of 29 Posts
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