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I love seeing these...

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This went over our yard on Sat PM. The 'wooshing' sound they make when 'firing' it kinda spooked Naddie but not too bad. This is not one of the prettier ones we've seen but I still am always in awe when I see them.

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Oh I love hot air balloons too. They fly over my house a lot. My fluffs aren't too thrilled with them though. lol
I wished we had hot air balloons flying over our house, they look so beautiful.
How cool! I haven't ever seen a balloon that close, but they sure are beautiful!
We see them often as we are only a few blocks from the Bay. There are always Balloons out and about on trips over the water. Really enjoy them too but don't know if I could take a ride!!!
Awesome pic Terry. These are always bittersweet for me to see. As a little girl I loved balloons. Everywhere my parents took me, I had to have a balloon with me at all times. Well about 5 months before my Dad passed away he took me to the hot air balloon festival. The highlight of the festival was at the end there would be a 100 balloon launch at the same time. I was excited to see all the beautiful balloons in the air at the same time. To my surprise my father booked us both on one of the balloons. Because of my obsession w/balloons as a little girl he wanted to sail through the sky with me in the most beautiful balloon. We were up there for about an hour with a sky filled with the hot air balloons.

It was one my favorite and last memories I had of my Dad since he passed away a few months later. I'll have to scan the photos from that day and share them with you. The photos truly are beautiful.
That's one of the many things I miss about Dutchess County.
They are beautiful. One of my students wrote an essay on why she wanted to ride in a hot air balloon. She won and I had the privilege of riding in one with her. It was an awesome experience. We even crashed landed.

mom2bijou what a happy memory to have of your Dad.
What a beautiful picture. I love watching hot air balloons!
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