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I love......

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I LOVE my little Princess Ponyo!
I love how eager she is to see me in the morning!
I love how she follows me around the house.
I love how she puts her front paws up my legs and streches, while im standing in the kitchen washing dishes or cooking.
I love how she begs and begs me to pick her up on the couch when we are having family movie time.
I love how she brings me, and only me, empty toilet paper rolls from the bathroom trash, to play fetch w/ her!
I love how she hides under the couch when I am gone out of the house, and wont come out untill I get home.
I love my little Ponyo, she is the sweetest thing on this earth!!!
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Cali -- I certainly understand why you love her. She's just precious.
I know the love you speak of, I have the same bond with my precious Matilda, We are blessed to have our littleones to love
It's is overwhelming isn't it!!! Such precious babies.
oh, that is the sweetest post!!!:wub::wub::wub:
arent our babies the best!!!
oh gosh..i feel the same...i could probably name about 20 different things i love about twinkle! THey are amazing babies..she has changed my life!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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