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I made bows!

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I got a little crazy making dog bows even though I'm a long ways away from getting my little baby. :wub: I know I'll have to watch him really close with the bows since I glued on the centerpieces. I seem to be great at getting the needle in my finger instead of into the bow. :angry: so I went with embellishments that I could just get on there with hot glue.

I hope the picture attachments work...


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Nice bows,good job.Now you need the little fur butt to go with them!!
lol i did the same thing a little bit ago! and i don't get alice for a few more weeks hahaha
Thank you guys for the complements :D

chichi, I'm really excited about getting a little boy to put them on, but it'll probably be about a year until it happens. I'm just now talking to breeders and trying to get on waiting lists. I don't think there's such a thing as being overly prepared! lol

Shelby, making bows is so addictive and fun! I study, make a couple bows, study some more, make more bows, study even more, glue all the centerpieces on. Then I just stare at them like they're made out of diamonds! lol
LOL! I know the feeling! I make all of Button's bows, and I think I've invested a couple of hundred dollars into ribbon, alligator clips (she usually breaks bands), and fru-fru for the centers.

You did a GREAT job on the bows!

It's a labor of love, I think! :wub:
:heart:That's a good way of putting it, a labor of love :)

I'm the same way! I've spent so much on ribbon, lace, and pretties for the middle that it's seems silly to the average person, but few people understand why it's so fulfilling to spoil your little furry one.

This forum is the only place, that I've found, that understands why we need those pretty dresses/manly t-shirts, expensive fur creams, and various bags/baskets (for your shoulder, on your bike, to be safe in your car...) for our "babies"... and I love it. :D
Your bows are so cute :wub:. It looks like you have one of every color :aktion033:. It is different living in the midwest and putting a bow on your dog. I'll take Miley with me sometimes to the big city ( Springfield) and people make a big fuss when they see me "Look at that dog with the bow in her hair!" It isn't a negative thing it is just something they are not use to seeing :eek:.

I do get a lot of ahhh's too :biggrin:. Once i put a dress on her and I have never seen so many raised eyebrows . So funny The biggest eyebrow raise is when my husband is holding her and she has a dress and bow on :smrofl:. It melts my heart :heart:.

It looks like you are having a fun time on your journey to find your Maltese. That's great!

Darlene and MiLey
well done ^_^ WOW your baby already has A LOT of bows

Miss Annie You have been busy... They look really nice.:thumbsup: Jeanne
wow well done, they are so cute :)
Lovely bows and lots of nice colours...they'll look so nice on your puppy.
nostresstoday: lol Springfield really is the big city around here! I never see anyone with smaller dogs dressed up. :( Surprisingly though, I see people buying bows and clothes all the time, but never see the dogs that they're for.. hmm... If I ever see you and Miley, I'll have to introduce myself and say hi. :D

everyone: You guys are too kind. :blush: I was soo proud of myself after I got done with them that I showed my boyfriend, friends, and even took them with me when I went to go see my mom. No one thought they were too great :angry: ... but I posted on here and they're not half bad! :chili: Thank you all for the bow ego boost!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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