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I miss Dora when I'm at work!

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Ok, so normally I do not miss Dora TOO much at work. But today my husband was at home with her and took her for a walk and they made a detour to the neighborhood pool and he said that she swam!! It was her first time REALLY swimming and I missed it. :smcry: He said that she swam in a circle around him several times and it must have been just adorable.

Then I asked if she was warm enough in the house while she was drying off and told him to get the blankie I bought for her. So he brought the blankie down and said she fell asleep on it! :wub: Arrrrgh! I wish I was home to see all this cuteness!
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Aww that does sound really cute!
I miss Lola when I'm at work too. Our building is a no-dogs-allowed building but I've been thinking of sneaking her in on a half day. Who could say no to adorable white fluffs? :)
Awww I know what you mean, I don't want to miss a thing Aolani does. At least Dora enjoyed and wore herself out. Now you know you guyes can go swimming this fourth of July weekend which should be a blast.
Its ok let the hubby have some bonding time with Dora....After all we know who Dora really looks up to :p
you know I never really think what it is like for you workings mom's, I'd miss my girls too. I hope when you get home she gives you lots of kisses:wub:
oh, that is so cute of Dora swimming:wub:
Ahhh sorry you missed her first 'swimming-lesson"! I am blessed to be able to have my babies with me most of the time...but I even miss them when I have to go run errands!
and WHAT is his excuse for the lack of pictures?! Men... They just don't know how important adorable photos of fluffs are!! :D

I'm so sorry that you missed her swimming experience. :( I hope you get to see her swim soon!
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