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it is a combination of my name+his name like Rislin :aktion033:
I find that its not only unique and super meaningful as afterall we created them together instead of selecting a name from a book and say hey this sounds right :w00t:

Oh can i have you ladies opinon on this "bear" is it really ugly? This is a handmade animal toy stuffed with beansprout for liris, as after i created i feel that its pretty cute and hope to sell in my shop, yet some friends were saying its ugly.. I think the cotton stuffed one will look better but hope to seek opinons first :)

On the heart, it will be customised with the initial of the baby`s name, the arms and legs look a bit uneven because it is stuffed with beansprout husk instead of cotton thus the angle in showing that it looks so weird

By the way i do sell lovely handmade stuff like customised taggies blanket, customised beansprout pillow, cute customised handbag for babies/toddlers.. You can pm me for more information, if you would like for your granddaughters/grandsons/friend`s present, shipping to US is rather cheap so dont worry about the shipping charge, heres one of the few items i did for my store :)

The beansprout pillow which is a MUST HAVE for the newborn in the asian culture as it helps baby to sleep better and to prevent them to rolling to their tummy and also to give them a sense of security.

Customised handbag

with rislin

Taggies blanket with pacifier clip, babies just LOVE to play with taggies, its also called a security blanket.

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