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I need to know about grapes....quickly...

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no, not my dogs...but someone I know has dogs that may have eaten some grapes on Sunday afternoon. Yesterday one of the dogs wasn't looking good - her ears were down and the owner thought she might not be feeling well.

She has a vet appointment this evening, but we're not sure the dog is even sick, as she seemed ok today.

Just what are the symptons one would see??? and how long does it take for the symptons to show? I know grapes are bad, but that's about all I know.

Appreciate any input you may have. Thanks!
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This might help - from poison control - prayers being said.

I am aware now that grapes are bad for dogs, but when we were kids growing up we had a dog that would eat the grapes off the vines and that dog lived to the ripe old age of 18, they never upset her in any way, she loved them. I guess it depends on the individual dog and I know people will disagree with me on this but honestly that dog loved our grape vine and would wait for them to ripen. At the time we had no idea they were harmful and to think of how many she used to eat without any adverse effect makes me wonder.
She was a cross Australian Kelpie with a German Shepherd, and my best friend when I was growing up.

This might help - from poison control - prayers being said.

Good article. Might be worth taking it to the vet. Sending thoughts and prayers to your friend.
I had thought grapes had adverse affect on kidneys... I'd have vet do bloodwork to be sure all was OK.
hope the dog is going to be ok, I'll be watching for a update
hope everything will be ok for the little dog. im with Janet though, long before we knew that grapes were harmfull for dogs our jackrussles LOVED them and would even get them as treats sometimes. One is now 14 and the other 13 and thankfully never had any bad side effects.
I hate to say it, but it was Elaine who (by mistake) brought grapes into her daughter's back yard. the dogs were in the house while we were in the pool. then later we were in Elaine's motor home out front and I guess her daughter's dogs went out back and got the grapes. :w00t:

Elaine is taking her daughter's dog to the vet....just to make sure....

Sometimes it seems like it never ends.....sometimes there's just too much going on at one time...
I tend to think it depends on the dog. So it might be a case by case basis or something similar. For instance, there is a lady here in town that is on the local radio station. She has a black lab, and every year she tells jokes and stories about him stealing grapes right off the vine from her backyard. He's never gotten sick, except once when the grapes were almost rotten and he got drunk...:wine:
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