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Originally posted by Mystify79@Dec 17 2004, 10:54 AM
That sucks.. I just hate bad CS. 

My rant of the day (actually it's the same rant everyday) is about my craptacular job.  It's official, I have to work from 7am-3pm (no lunch, no breaks) on Christmas day and the same thing the day after.  I'm so pissed because normally our stupid boss will put out a volunteer sheet and people will sign up for shifts on holidays.. well, not this year, she just put us all on the schedule without talking to us or anything.  I don't normally come in that early so I am just so mad about it.  What amazes me is that my boss is now saying that she's ALWAYS had people who normally work the weekday that a holiday falls on work on that holiday.  What total and complete bull, she forces people she doesn't like (me) to work on holidays, volunteer or not.  In 2001 Christmas was on a Tuesday, in 2003 Christmas was on a Thursday.. I don't normally work on Tuesdays or Thursdays, but guess where I was on Christmas.. at work.  And where was everyone else that normally worked on Tuesdays and Thursdays? At home with their families. 

Oh and get this.. this one is bad..
I got married on January 3rd of this year which fell on a Saturday, so I had to ask off for that weekend so I could get married.  I did this almost 5 months in advance.  My boss actually had the freakin nerve to tell me that she wasn't sure I could have it off and then didn't let me know that I had gotten the day off until the Thursday before the wedding!!!  And you wouldn't believe the ugly gossip that has been spread around by her because she is bitter that I didn't invite her to the wedding.  Give me a break, like I would invite the person I hate the most to the happiest day of my life.. heck no.  Anyways, I could rant all day about my job, but I'll spare you guys.  If anyone is still reading by this point, thanks!
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Oh my gosh, that is awful!
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