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Here is my vent:

SEVENTH GRADERS! Whew! I needed that!!!

We finished semester exams today. I gave them THE TEST as their study guide (of course I didn't tell them that though!) I just told them..."study this packet and you will pass the test". It was 60 questions-multiple choice...10 questions off of each chapter we have covered so far this year. So the first class takes theirs on Wednesday. I pass out the tests and one student raises his hand and says, :eek: "This is just like our study packet."

I smiled
and said, "I told you to study the packet and you would pass."
So, the grades turned out about normal for the first two classes that took theirs the first day. (normal as if I had not given a study guide at all...)Well, yesterday was the second day of testing...a few had heard that the test was the same-but grades did not show they had studied.
Today I only had one class left to take it. You would THINK that the word would have been OUT that the test was EXACTLY like the study guide.
Right? Get this...I had more F's in the last class than I did in any of the others! :eek: Ridiculous!!!!

Anyway...there is much more to the story than that! We have SO many that are failing 7th grade in 2 or more classes already that it is ridiculous! They are SO lazy and take nothing seriously. I just don't understand them. They just have strings of zeros...they don't do their homework...they don't study...they plain don't CARE! -_- I can only do SO much! I cannot make my grading system any easier!! I GIVE them points and opportunities to pad their grades ALL THE TIME! I try not to take it personally...and at least it is just not my class they are doing it in...but it still makes me SO mad!!!

I guess it is frustrating because I bust my tail to do my job and do it well...and in the end...when state test scores come is MY butt that is on the line-MY name next to their scores in all the local papers...NOT THEIRS!!! When they are not "performing" up to expectations-Iam the one that takes the heat for it! It is just NOT fair!

My vent!
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