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I smell something good mom!

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Something smells good mom!

Come on! Lets check it out!

Ah Ha! I found it! Please oh please drop a little for me!

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Oh, what darling pictures and the last one tells it all!!! She is just adorable!
:Cute Malt:Awwwwww! how adorable. i just love the last pic:D
Poor Libby tries so hard to get goodies that she can't have. My son is not allowed to give her food. He's an easy target for her though as he does leave crumbs around.:rolleyes:
Oh my... how can your son resist her? She's just too precious!
awww, love her outfit by the way! the angle in the first picture makes her bow looks like a petite hat, elegant lady style!
OMG! She's gorgeous! Her coat is awesome!
Libby always looks so clean and white- and she's just too cute!
She looks so precious!
She has the cutest tail!
So sweet! (Not even one little piece of popcorn?) She would be hard for me to resist!:blush:
lovely pics :) xx
love the pics , too too cute!
Libby is such a cute pup. :wub::wub: That third pic cracks me up. :HistericalSmiley:
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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