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How about a poll determining the top of everything for our lil white puffs???
I kind of get a feeling that with every season there is a new product or a new breakthrough to improve the health and happiness of our lil white angels.
Why not share the BEST of everything from FOODS & VITAMINS & SUPPLEMENTS: treats, recipes, commercial, brands, etc; GROOMING: brushes, clips, shampoos, conditioners, gels, etc; HEALTH WATCHLISTS of prodcucts and sicknesses, allergies and illnesses during every season: symptoms, preventative care, etc; TRAINING METHODS, and anything you could possibly think of to be a loving parent... UP TO DATE.

Wouldn't ya love all of this wrapped up into one packaged recommendation from SM???
I really take the advice from SM gurus and other advisors seriously. I do consider advice from other websites but I have found SM to be the most knowledeable out of most communities. Wouldn't it be great to see what most of the maltese caring and loving mamas and papas have to say about raising these angels??? What is the BEST FOR OUR BABIES??? I'M DYING TO KNOW! Why not keep a poll???? I'd love a consensus. I'm sure a lot of maltese loving kids would like to know. I have happily spent every pent on anything for my angel- from no burn paw booties to comfy carriers and cutie outfits so they won't get sunburnt! Sacrificing everything for these lil guys are effortless!!! I'll keep a chart on all the different categories if you are all willing to share important things in maintaining health and diet, grooming,training, and accessorising (or any other area not mentioned!). I see discussions on food, hair treatment, etc.. I just want to collect some data so I can decide who I wanna spend money on! Cutting down on trial and error.
Who's the best in what and where can we get them??
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Other than the home-cooked recipes I make for Pico the one other indispensable item I use is the Pure Paws Ultra Conditioning Spray.............It "fluffs" his fur up so it doesn't look greasy and makes him smell soooo fresh, even between twice monthly baths.

I use it nightly for his daily brushing with (my SECOND indispensable item) his all natural bristle brush. This brush doesn't get mats out but it brushes out loose hairs which can cause matting. It also gives him a nice massage, which he looooves! And we both enjoy the time immensely.

I'm really looking forward to seeing the results of this thread and thanks for all the work in putting them together for us!
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Every one needs to have a basic first aid kit for their furbabies.

Triple antibiotic ointment
Hydrogen Peroxide
Hydrocortisone cream
Alcohol swabs
Pepto Bismal
Baby Aspirin
Self-adhering bandages
Gauze pads
Eye wash
Small syringe (no needle) marked w/m’s or cc’s for medication administration
Cold Pack
Styptic powder to stop bleeding
Cotton swabs/cotton balls
Thermometer (normal rectal temperature is between 101.0 to 102.5 degrees)
Copy of shot record (in plastic sheet)
Pedialite to replace fluids

Also, download a copy of this, put it in a plastic sleeve protector, and keep it with your first aid kit.
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