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I will not be adopting Sweet Pea

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I wanted to let everyone know that I will not be adopting Sweet Pea after all. Right after I announced that I was adopting her, she experienced some health issues that we were not aware of, which eliminates her for adoption at this time. Due to her medical condition, it has been determined that it would be best to have her with someone that is home during the day (as well as the evenings).

Edie and Deb have been wonderful, and AMA Rescue has found a retired person who will be fostering Sweet Pea for now. Let’s pray that she continues to improve with medication and vet care.

Yes, my heart is broken, but I know that this is best for Sweet Pea, and there will be another little one that will grab my heart strings in the future.

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oh I'm so sorry about this..for you and for Sweet Pea's health problems too. I hope she'll be okay.
Oh, Lynn, I'm so sorry. But I'm one of those big believers in "everything happens for a reason" and things that are meant to be, so it's probably best for both of you. I know that's hard to see right now though. At least you can find out how she's doing from Edie. Guess you'll have to give Lacie and Tilly a lot more loving right now.:hugging:
I'm sorry Lynn. I can only imagine how heartbreaking this is for you. I'm also a firm believer in that things happen for a reason, and I know that the right one at the right time will come to you. I'm glad you have your two beautiful girls to give you comfort right now.:grouphug:
im sorry :(
:grouphug:I'm sorry for little Sweet Pea (get well soon) and for you. Things will work out for both of you I'm sure, but it is sooo disappointing when things like this happen.
You must be so disappointed, but in a way isn't it a blessing this came to light before she entered your household and you become more attached than you already are. Prayers and positive thoughts you find the perfect baby for your household and Sweet Pea continues on her road to recovering and finding the perfect furever home xoxox
So sorry Lynn.........I know there will be a baby out there for you and only you!!! Hope the little pup gets a good home!!!!
just seeing this now Lynne - I do hope that she gets well and I know there will be one in your future - and she'll be a perfect fit :)
Oh Lynn. How disappointing. I know you were so excited for Sweet Pea to join your family. But like others said...there is the perfect little one who is meant to find you. Prayers that Sweet Pea's health conditions improve and her forever home is a loving one. Keep your head up Lynn. Hugs and love xoxo
Holy Cow, Lynn....I'm so sorry.

Just makes me believe even more that there is a "perfect" maltese waiting for you....and she's not going to let you get anyone else instead.....

Do you believe everything happens for a reason too?:thumbsup:

Maybe it was a good thing this happened before you got her all the way home. At least now someone will be with her around the clock.
Lynn, I'm so sorry. I know you will find your perfect match. I hope little Sweet Pea does well and I'm sure with someone who is home all day she will get lots of lovin.
Sorry Lynn it did not work out. Somebody is watching out for you that you don't take up more than you can chew. With all what is going on in your life right now you don't want to have to deal with a sick dog too. There will be another one a long the way who will find you and is meant for you. I too believe "everything happens for a reason".
Oh, I'm sorry. :( It must be rough after you've already been set to take her home and everything! I hope you find another dog soon that tugs at you the same way Sweet Pea did and that things will work out with ease. I'm glad Sweet Pea is going to be getting the attention she needs but I hope you find another dog to love on soon, too. :)
I believe everything happens for a reason and mostly I just very sad for Sweet Pea. She's been through a lot in losing her owner, but I know that Edie, Deb and LaDonna are doing the best for her. I would be worried sick every time I left for work knowing that she might need me and I wouldn't be there.

Lacie says, "It's fine with me. I don't need another sister 'cause Tilly's a handful." And Tilly says, "Whatever. I'm just happy with life."
oh, i'm so sorry to hear this!!
hope Sweet Pea gets better.
Hugs to you and prayers for Sweet Pea. Your time will come and as long as you have waited, your new furbaby will be all the more perfect.
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