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Ideas for Bernie's 1st Birthday Party

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The internet is overwhelming so I'm hoping others can give me ideas and insights into what worked and didn't work for a great puppy party. I've asked before about who did and didn't think a birthday party was a good idea but I never asked about what each of you did when you threw them a party.

I'm thinking homemade pizzas with paw-shaped veggies and pepperonis, a birthday cake for her and cupcakes for the guests. Dog treats for every canine guest and dog-themed songs playing in the background. I'm making birthday hats for everyone who wants to wear one, I have pink streamers and a little pink birthday girl shirt for her. :wub:

But I'm wondering if I'm missing something.

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i think thats cute! theres a thread i started about 1st bday pics..
wow make sure and take pictures. I think your birthday party will be perfect. when is the birthday party?
Your ideas sound great! I think you covered everything. Are you making your invitations? You sound like you are crafty.
Yes! These are the invites I made yesterday.
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oh the invitations are adorable. I can't wait to see pictures of the party.:chili: When are you having it?
I think on the 28th of August. Bernie's b-day is on the 19th but we have plans that weekend so... It'll be an end of the summer get together.
How cute! I like your invitations. Did you use rubber stamps? If so, where did you get the paw print?
OMG that sounds like so much fun! Your invites are too cute, how did you go about making them? Oh and just a suggestion for the party - I would place a display of poop bags and a small trash can somewhere visable just, ya know, incase lolol OHHH!!!!! And what about party favor bags!? With treats and maybe a toy each dog could take home? I cant wait for my pups bday :D Dont forget to post pics!
Great party ideas!
I like your invitations, too!

I am also planning a double first b-day for my pups who turn one in August!
It will be a small guest list but loads of fun to plan!!
OO! I like the party bag idea with the treats and toy for each dog that shows. :) Keep ideas coming!
Maybe some fun dog themed games for the humans?
Like charades where you have to act out being a certain dog breed and the other guests have to guess which one?
Is it outdoors? You could make an agility course for the dogs?
And the humans could try it too, separately.

I have loads of cheesey ideas! Lol.
It sounds like Bernie is going to have a great birthday party! He is one lucky boy to have such a wonderful mommy to plan the special day for him!
You may also want to have a veggie tray; this could be for both the pups and parents
aww cant wait for the pics!
Bernadette is a lucky little girl! I found the best little pink shirt for her that says "birthday girl" with a cupcake on it and it's really light so she won't swelter in the heat. I'm loving the treat bag idea! I can get some cheap toys at Petco in the sale section!

Thanks for all the ideas and encouragement!
Sounds like your Bernadette's bday is really coming along! Another cheezy party idea is have a raffle for the pups. As the guests arrive, you can assign each pup a number, put corresponding numbers into a hat and after the cake and fun, draw 3 winning numbers. Those pups can have like super cool toys or treats, or even a little gift basket :) Man I love parties lolol
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