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Originally posted by Lilly521@Aug 24 2004, 01:18 PM
I am not at home for about 6 hours every weekday and my original plan was to crate train my puppy which i am still going to do for at night but when he is home during the day do you think it would be better to have him in his kennle with chewy toys or put the kennle in the bathroom and leave it open so he can play around with some interactive toys in there? thanks
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Hi, I'm Gigolo's Mom and new to this site. Gigolo is a 6 mo old male maltese that I have had home since he was 12 weeks old. I had another maltese, Geronimo, for 12 1/2 yrs but unfortunately he died the day before Thanksgiving 2003. After a devastating winter, I decided it was time for a new little maltese for me and found a breeder and then Gigolo found me at 6 weeks! He's a little guy and I believe will remain so. At 6 mos old he is under 3 lbs but very healthy, friendly, socialized and feisty. He's fearless and will approach any large dog!

To the question of training. I originally wanted to crate train him and have someone look in on him, give him some exercise etc out of the crate while I was at work. Well, the best laid plans as they say.....Gigolo isn't an eater, so therefore taking him out of the crate wouldn't ensure his eating etc. So to plan #2. I remained home with him for the first week, working from home and bonding/training Gigolo. Noting the times/frequency that he would go to the bathroom. Formulating a routine. It has always been my plan to use wee wee pads and to take him out only for exercise (did the same thing with Geronimo). Gigolo was paper trained after 3 days, with constant praise and reinforcement when he used the pads. He got the idea right away. I am keeping him confined in the kitchen and den...everyday when I come home the only place that he "goes to the bathroom" is on the pads. I still praise him whenever he goes on the pads. Keeping your puppy in the crate for 6 hrs is much too long not just for for confinement but also for "holding it in". He needs to be on a schedule. Gigolo is crated overnight, taking him out only once around midnight, and taken out of the crate around 7:30 or 8AM. He has never had an accident in his crate. When I have let him explore the other rooms,he has had a few accidents but I believe that they were my fault as he couldn't find his way back to the wee wee pads.
If you can confine him to a room larger than the bathroom, I think that would give your puppy room to have his food, water and wee wee pads with room to play.
Good Luck!!
Gigolo's Mom (and always Geronimo's Mom)
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