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Dr. Harveys as a basic diet has worked for our Zoey.
Ditto here. Feeding Jett Dr H's Canine Health is what is working best for him. I'm thinking due to his digestive issues, he is one that needs some good carbs/grains in his food. He can't be on a true grain free food for an extended period of time. Nor can he do raw. The tiniest bit of raw throws his system for a loop. Probiotics is what was a life saver for Jett. I truly believe had I not gotten him on a soft diet and discovered Probiotics, Jett would not be with me today. He was literally starving to death even though he was eating well. He would eliminate everything he ate by vomiting and massive diarrhea. I was really scared there for awhile.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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