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" I'm A Dog Mom"

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"I’m a dog mom

When I talk with excitement about the anticipation of a new arrival,
No one throws me a puppy shower.
When a new furry family member arrives home,
No one asks to see the pictures.
When my dog improves her behavior or does something cute,
No one asks or listens.

My dog doesn’t sell Girl Scout cookies,
But I’m often asked to buy ...them from friends and colleagues.
My dog doesn’t raise money for the band,
But it seems that all of my friends’ children do.
My dog isn’t in a French class that’s raising money to go to Paris,
Though for such good causes, I’m often asked to contribute.

I seem to be needed to feed, clean up after, and medicate,
And travel to the vet’s office on numerous occasions.
I have calendars of shots and check-ups to keep up with,
That requires me to be a master of time management.
I do laundry, clip nails, and maintain a regular bath schedule,
And still I am not considered a “mom” by some.I give and get unconditional love.
My dogs cuddle and kiss and jump up and paw.
I can see eyes light up and tails wag.
Their nudges tell me I’m doing something right.

Our personal policy manual doesn’t define me as a mom.
When my dogs need to go the vet, family sick time doesn’t cover
When my dogs are sick, family leave time can’t be used.
I use my annual leave to be with them during their dark hours.
Still I wouldn’t choose to do anything differently;
It’s my choice to be a dog mom.I worry the same as a human mom,
I watch every move and change.
I want them all to be healthy and well,
And grow up to be popular with others.

My life is centered on my dogs.
I practice parenting daily.
When I feel weak, my animals make me strong,
And strengthen my sense of family.

I spend a lot of time at home
“loving up” my dogs.
I enjoy traveling when I can,
But always look forward to walking through the front door again
To be greeted by faces who love me.

The love of my animal children keeps me alive
and carries me through the worst work day.
That love motivates me to survive
the stresses of everyday life.
All becomes manageable at the end of the day,
When I experience the calm and contentment of knowing
I’m mom; I make a home for us all.

I love as much as a human mom
And when my dog suffers, I hurt.
I’ve spent evenings lying next to my pets
Administering medication and nursing them through illness.
And when those final days present themselves,
I grieve a mother’s grief,
I’m empty, lost, and in pain.
So think about your childless friends,
And notice who they love.
Maybe it is a child with four legs, lots of hair and a wet nose,
And ask them,
“How is your dog?” "

Have a Great Mothers day and hug your fur babies for me!
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Your writing is so incredibly true and such a heartfelt reminder to all with human children.
Oh Terry. I truly needed that. Thanks so much.
There should be a "pet parents" day to celebrate people who are really true parents to the furry ones. :) We talk about her poop just as much as we would an infant's!

Most of the moms in my neighborhood had dogs first that were their "first children." I like to think that they understand where I'm coming from when I talk about Dora's new outfit or the cute thing she did yesterday.
What a sweet Mother's Day message :) I sure feel like a mommy (and worry like one, too!)
what a wonderful message - thank you for posting this!
I want to clarify that I found this on another site... I didn't write it and don't know who did, but I certainly can relate and thought many others could as well, so wanted to share.
I want to clarify that I found this on another site... I didn't write it and don't know who did, but I certainly can relate and thought many others could as well, so wanted to share.
That was so sweet of you to post it!
The words could have come from your own heart!

Happy Mothers Day to all the Malt Moms!
Thanks for passing it on. So true. :wub::wub:
awwh thanks for sharing ^_^

When we brought Bitsy home this past December. I invited my mom, inlaws and sisters with their family over to see the new puppy. That night they all showed up with food, drinks and lots of toys, dresses and chewy's for Bitsy. It was not only a "welcome to the family" night, but they accepted Bitsy into their extended family just as much as we accepted her into ours. In a way, it was our "puppy shower" It really warned my heard.
Oh, Terry, that was beautiful (and so true for me at least).
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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