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I'm bored...

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I'm bored right now, even though there are a million things I could do, but they all include I'll pass for now :lol: Cant think of anything else to say
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I hate when my neighbors set of fireworks...don't they know all the dogs and cats go crazy? I just want to go over and have a talk with them and educate them on the dangers...I had a friend die when I was really young...she caught on fire from a spinkler so I just hate them. I go crazy when I see young children with them. Oh well, I am not much of a 4th of July person. Would rather stay home and watch tv. Now that the kids are grown I don't have to go out and fight all the traffic trying to get home afterwards.
The 4th has official started...fireworks going off and Lacey is barking, not to bad but she is mad. First a bath and now fireworks, not a good day for her.
1 - 2 of 58 Posts
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