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I just took in a sweet little old man, a Bichon named Sammy. His daddy died in September.. , the wife didn't want him, she called him "my husband's dog",she barely whiffed at getting rid of one wanted him so I took him in to help find him a home..
A shelter is no place for a nervous little man like him.
He ducks when you reach for him,but getting better..I think he's been hit...
Took him a couple days to relax around us..
Neutered, housebroke, he has good house manners.. he's making himself comfortable..he's commandeered the girls' fluffy pink bed and he's a sock thief

I talked with his vet, he's a bit overweight, weighs 19.5 pounds,should weigh about 14.. we're working on his weight.
He's got a few "old man warts" but otherwise, he's in good shape for his age..He will be 12 in July..
He gets along with other dogs, does fine with my 3 girls.
4 dogs is a lot on us ,with 3 dogs, my health and caring for elderly parents..

I hope someone will give a senior boy a home..
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So kind of you to care for him. I do hope he finds a new home that will give him the love that you are obviously giving him now!! G-d bless!

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