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I'm so livid right now!!

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I'M SOOO LIVID RIGHT NOW!! The old clinic that I was taking Jack to lied to me about our primary Vet being in Mexico for the past 7 months!! I was talking to our new Vet about Jack and he was saying that he wished that he new Jack's history so I was telling him about my old primary vet(whom I loved and trusted dearly with my dogs.) and when I mentioned his name he gasped on the phone. He told me that my primary vet was no longer in Mexico but working in a clinic with his colleague here in Toronto!! He than told me that he would call me back after getting more information for me. He didn't need to as I immediately got on google and googled my primary vets name and sure enough since May he was working in a clinic here on the other side of Toronto. I called my new vet back and told him no need to call me as I had found out where he was. So I than called the clinic he was at and just missed him by 5 min. I did however make an appointment to see him for 7pm tomorrow night though. I was told that they would get him to call me as soon as he could tomorrow as they seen how upset I was. When I called our old clinic and told them that I knew where he was they were shocked. They told me he had gone to Mexico but than came back. They knew I was not pleased with the other vets at their clinic and that is why I left to go to our new vets. They should have told me where my primary vet was practicing so that I could take my fluffs there. I guess they are in it just for the money after all and they don't care!!! My DH and I knew that something was off with our old clinic and totally felt like we were being had by all the tests that they wanted to do on Jack.

I'M SOOOO HAPPY!!! I know weird eh? My amazing primary vet who I was told was in Mexico just called me!! He found out that I've been trying to contact him and called me and now I feel so relieved!! He went to my old clinic and picked up Jack's file and x-rays and is going home to do research and he will be calling me tomorrow morning with what he has learned about what has been going on with Jack for the months that he was gone. He told me that the clinic didn't allow him to come back to work for them when he came back from Mexico so he had to go elsewhere. He told me that he will be back with them in November though. It makes me soo mad because he went to Mexico to take care of his ailing father and when he came back his job was gone. He told me that its not a good clinic because they have vets going in and out all the time. He was soo upset at how we have been treated and billed for unnecessary things. For example billing us for keeping Jack in the clinic all day$94 for a test that would take all day and costed $350. He said that we should not have been billed the day boarding. He also felt that the last few test including the one mentioned above were unnecessary as there was not enough clinical signs to do the tests. I knew I had this feeling about this vet for a reason!!! He really cares about my fluffs. He was also angry to hear that the original vet that seen Tessa totally missed that she had the eyelashes growing in her eyes. He said that they should have totally went over her with everything!!

I'm soo totally happy and relieved that my primary vet is back!! I'm sorry for all the rambling on and on and hope that this post actually made some sense.
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Sadly it seems everywhere it all comes down to money. I see it here ALL the time, but that's Vegas. Happy you "found" the vet you love! :chili::chili:Tess & Co. will be in good hands from now on.
My vet would say to me (when my beloved Nicholas and Emily were so ill, and I wanted every test done on them "to save them") - 'Allie, those test's not necessary, if you want to contribute to someone’s kid's college education, I'll sure that you wouldn't have to look too far- I just cannot take your money because your willing to give it to me."

My fluffs are so lucky to have him - we feel blessed.

Thank G-d that you find your old vet!
Tracy - I'm so relieved for you that you've found your original vet. What a bizarre thing with the clinic. I can't believe he's going back to them. I hope that Jack will be well taken care of now and get the attention he needs. Why do things have to be this hard?
That is great news that you have your old vet back. It is so hard to find one you feel comfortable with that when you do I am sure it is such a relief :)
I'm so glad you found your original vet! I'll be praying that he can help Jack.
OMG it makes me sick to hear a vet will play on your emotions and play w/ your beloved pet's health for a couple $$$$ !:exploding:
I'm so happy you found your old vet. What a relief for you and Jack!
I'm so happy that we have Jacks original primary vet on the case!! He spent several hours last night researching and reviewing every detail of Jack's file, x-rays, blood work, ultrasounds and biopsy's. He called me this morning and is going to call me again this afternoon after speaking with a colleague that may be able to give us more information.
In the mean time my vet has told me this:

There is a good chance that Jack has liver cancer that may have spread to other organs. Which explains the large lumps near his back legs and his enlarged liver getting even bigger in less than 4 months. He said that the ultrasound showed 3 small lessions and 1 larger one in April. Biopsy's showed they were benign at the time but he thinks that the larger one may now be malignant.

The vet said he is very confused about results for cushings disease that the clinic ran after he was gone. One test indicated Pituitary Gland Dependent cushings so when Jack was further tested for it, it showed that the pituitary reacted normally. Last night he said he was very perplexed. In March a Internal Medicine specialist that he contacted about Jacks case said that ultrasound, urine and blood work does not suggest cushings so dont test for it because Jack did not have the major clinical signs of it. I remember in early April he had told me what the specialist said so that is why we didn't test him until later. We were told back then to be aware of signs and bring him in if they developed. We were also told that he could be pre cushinoid. While our primary vet was gone we started to see some symptoms but no major ones so that is when we brought him back to the clinic and they ran the tests for cushings. They were inconclusive and because of that we thought it best not to treat him as his liver would be affected due to the drugs. The vet is very confused because the cushings test is inconclusive and the behaviours that he is displaying now show that Jack may have a tumour on or near his pituitary gland. This could explain Jack's seizures and his behaviour this morning. Jack was roaming around very confused and would not come near me. Very new symptom that we experienced this morning. The vet said that he would not call Jack's seizures epilepsy. He feels that Jack may have a tumour on or beside his pituitary gland that is doing neurilogical damage and giving us symptoms of cushings. He said that we may need to see an internal medicine specialist for this as he cannot understand what is going on there. He feels that the tests results are too confusing as they are very inconclusive. One is saying he has pituritary gland cushings and the other more sensitive test is saying that the pituitary gland is totally normal. He feels that a catscan will help solve this mystery.

The vet feels that we are totally missing something that is wrong with Jack and he said that he is doing everything in his power to find out what it is. Before cushings, heart, seizures and everything else went wrong he said something must have caused Jack's liver to enlarge the way it did. What that is he cannot figure out. I myself feel it has to to with the gasterointestinal tract. Before Jack was on prescription diet he was getting sick at least 3 times a week, one time it was 6 times in a day and he had very loss stool and diarrhea almost every day for about 6 months. This was the start of Jack showing signs of being sick. My DH just felt that it was normal and didn't really act on it until abut 3 months of this. This is why I feel it may have all started in the g/i tract. I plan on letting the vet know this when I speak to him this afternoon.

The vet also said that Jacks heart murmur is causing less oxygen to go to his brain when he is stressed or too excited and this is why I've seen Jack basically faint. I've witnessed Jack on 2 occasions be barking and than all of a sudden his eyes go blank and he falls over on his side. Within a few seconds to a minute he is up again and acting a little confused like nothing has really happened.

The vet also said that he is very concerned at the length of time he is having his seizures for. He said it is very dangerous for him to have clustered seizures that last as long as they have.

I've made a list of things that I will be bring up to him when he calls me this afternoon so I hope it will be giving me some answers so that DH and I can decide where to go from here.

One of my customers told me to go to the vet hospital here with Jack with bills showing how much we spent on him and all his files and results and ask them to help us figure out what is wrong with him. This is an option that DH and I will have to discuss too as it would be a good idea to have new fresh minds working on Jacks case for way less money than other specialist would charge. This way we can also get more done for our money. Apparently the Guelph Vet College is one of the best in the world too so we would have great help in trying to save Jack. Although if there is a very strong reason to believe that this help will not do anything for Jack I will not put him through the pain and stress of having lots of tests done on him. It's just an option that we have that we can think about.

Sorry for the long post
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phew, what a relief. Sorry you had to go through all of that mess.
I really hope jack gets the help he so well deserves
I took Jack in to see our primary vet on Sat morning to see if he is suffering and discuss what he and other specialist that he spoke to think about what is going on with him. They feel that one or some of the 3 small lesions and 1 larger one found on his liver that was on his previous ultrasound is now turned to cancer. They believe that it is a very high chance that Jack has liver cancer. His back legs are starting to lose muscle. They also think that even though tests for Pituitary Dependant Cushings were inconclusive that Jack has it. Which means that he has a tumour on his Pituitary Gland. This tumour is probably starting to get larger and that is why Jack is starting to have the seizures and strange behaviour.
I posted too early.

The vet was very impressed with how Jack is doing and expected him to be in worse shape than what he is. He said that Jack is not suffering but is in a little discomfort from typical old age issues. The vet told me he will get worse and not better and that he would let us know when we should let him go if we don't see it is time. The vet also told us that he can refer us to specialist but they would ultimately confirm what he has told us. He and other colleagues feel that it would be unsafe and too stressful for Jack to go through other tests. We could lose him doing an MRI or even ultrasound and biopsy's. We know how stressful it is on Jack going through all these tests so we've decided to enjoy Jack for as long as we can. The only thing that we can for Jack now is treat seizures as these are very hard on him and it would be possible for Jack to pass having one. The vet will be researching which medication will impact his liver the least.
We are so glad to know that Jack is not suffering and that we can have him around with us for awhile longer.
Thanks to everyone for all the support you have given me in this difficult time.
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I know this isn't the outcome exactly that would have made you jump for joy---but it IS a good outcome for you and for Jack for now! I am so happy w/you and thankful for your vet.
We chose not to treat cushings in our last rescue dog because he had cancer---oral fibrosarcoma---non treatable. He also hated the blood draws and it seemed cruel to put him through all of that knowing his time was very limited. Our vet was wonderful---she is truly a God-send and we could never think of changing vets. She cried when we finally had to put him down. I had to comfort her!
Trust your instincts----you will truly know when they are ready. They do try to keep up a front for us---such brave little souls and so, so loving. God was so good to give us such special little creatures to enjoy. So take time to enjoy him every single day!
love from across the big pond. kitzi & sandi
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Just letting everyone know that Jack started to go downhill this past weekend so today we had to let him go. He was in pain and meds could only do so much. We didn't want him to suffer through anything so we made the decision to let him go. It was the hardest thing that my dh and I have had to go through but, I know it was the best thing to do. Dh is taking it really really hard and keeps breaking down. Jack was his boy! My heart is breaking knowing that Jack is no longer with us and is breaking for my poor dh!
I am so so sorry for your loss. :( Jack received the greatest love and best care possible from you and your hubby. He was a cutie pie, too. Hugs to you and hubby.

Just letting everyone know that Jack started to go downhill this past weekend so today we had to let him go. He was in pain and meds could only do so much. We didn't want him to suffer through anything so we made the decision to let him go. It was the hardest thing that my dh and I have had to go through but, I know it was the best thing to do. Dh is taking it really really hard and keeps breaking down. Jack was his boy! My heart is breaking knowing that Jack is no longer with us and is breaking for my poor dh!
:smcry:So sorry for your loss of Jack. :grouphug:
I am so sorry to hear this. My heart is breaking for you. It is so hard to watch DH breakdown. They are usually very strong. Making the decision to let go is crushing!!
Oh no! I'm so sorry for your loss. AS I was ready your update I was feeling so sad. I can't imagine what you are going through but please accept my sincere condolences. I'm sure Jack knows that you both loved and cared for him and was lucky to have been a part of your life.
Oh, I'm so very sorry for your loss. :grouphug:
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