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I'm worried and confused about "Sentinel flea meds"

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I was looking up some holistic vets in my area and I was surprised to see they charge the same as conventional vets. I talked to the vet tech for 20 minutes and she told me they DO NOT reccommend Sentinel because it is too harsh on the liver and kidneys to process. They reccommend Hearguard and Advantage topical. She said the topicals are safer and the liver does not have to process. I don't know about that.....
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Frontline and Advantage have been on the market for years and are about as safe as flea products can be IMO. The only problem is that since they have been around so long, fleas are starting to develop a resistance to them.

I prefer Interceptor to Heartguard, though. Heartguard is Ivermection which studies have shown can cause seizures in some dogs. The dosage is also more appropriate for our Maltese, under 10 pounds. Heartguard is under 25 pounds.
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